Britain ‘visited by UFOs’ as far back as 1801 BRITAIN might have been visited by aliens as far back as 1801 after the discovery of a UFO newspaper report.
GEEK FIX | Finding alien life with an Espresso machine The NSA, NASA and Google are all up to some new things in this week’s Greg’s Geek Fix.
Alien Life Search With China: World’s Largest Telescope Nearly Complete China is in the final stages of its development of the world’s largest telescope.
Weird space signal could be from aliens with Australian astronomers baffled Astronomers heard two mysterious radio signals from outside our galaxy – unexplained blasts of radio energy which last a few milliseconds.
PICTURED: Mass green ‘UFO wormhole’ sightings over Cape Town sends Twitter into meltdown MASSES of people reported seeing bizarre bright green UFOs over Cape Town last night.

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