Are Aliens Really Out There? ‘Close Encounters’ Scientist Gives His Opinion in AMA Jacques Vallée says we shouldn’t only be looking at outer space when it comes to intelligent life.
Were those aliens in Sandton? No, it was FutureLife of a different kind Motorists driving into Sandton were puzzled by an odd crash site on William Nicol.
Famed UFO author in Roswell for December to sign books | Are we really alone in the universe? Author and alien expert E.J. Wilson has all the answers when it comes to aliens.
Onondaga County UFO Hot Spots – Syracuse New Times Columnist Cheryl Costa shares her recent chart evidence of Onondaga County’s UFO hot spots.
Neptune-sized exoplanet with blue skies discovered 100 light years away – but there’s no signs of life – Mirror Online Astronomers have identified an alien world with blue skies orbiting a distant red dwarf star
This new giant telescope aims to answer the question: Is there anybody out there? | GlobalPost In the remote Chilean desert, the telescope is expected to provide the sharpest and farthest views of outer space ever.

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