A Brief History of Scientists Searching for Extraterrestrial Life There’s still no sign of alien life, but that hasn’t stopped researchers from looking for the past 50 years.
Extraterrestrial life more likely to be found in planets close to each other, says study A paper written by astrophysicists Jason Steffen of the University of Nevada and Gongjie Li of Harvard’s Center for Astrophysics stated that there is a higher likelihood to find alient life in planets very close together.
UFO spotted over Valley Center, Pauma UFO spotted over Valley Center, Pauma Several local residents reported seeing a UFO, described as “a green orb” fly over Pauma Valley on the evening of Tuesday, November 24, with much slower U.S. Marine helicopters giving chase.
The truth must be out there … driver on mission to solve puzzle of great white following glow IT WAS 4am on a Wednesday and the heaviness of the night was almost over.
WATCH: What is this bizarre ‘alien humanoid’ caught on camera hiding in cemetery FOOTAGE has emerged showing what appears to be a bizarre humanoid skulking behind a gravestone in a remote cemetery.