5 Unusual TV Alien Abduction Stories Alien abductions happen all the time on TV. Here are some of the most memorable…
Matthew Bailes’ $100 million SETI challenge: find the aliensConsidering that he’s just been named a key researcher on one of mankind’s most ambitious science projects — the search for alien life in outer space — Professor Matthew Bailes isn’t behaving in the manner you’d expect of an excited astrophysicist.
Is There Life on Mars? Icecap Drill Hopes to Find Out Prototype drill to dig 100 feet underground in preparation for future Mars mission.
Music promotor bringing bigger acts to Roswell ‘We have gotten the stigma, you know, we are alien city and UFOs is all we have – and that’s not true at all.’
Strange Phenomena InvestigationsThe Fife UFO Incident: This is arguably the biggest UFO case of its kind in Scotland.
UFO Museum Surrounded by a barren desert landscape, Roswell seems the perfect location for a UFO incident, and in fact, on July 4, 1947, it was

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