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UFO Headlines 12/14/15

Forget Stars Wars aliens – here’s where we might find the real ones From Mars to galaxies far, far away, the search for extraterrestrial life is in full swing.
Witness recalls 1950 Farmington UFO Armada The Farmington Armada incident got a lot of local press at the time, but it took 65 years before there was in-depth research into the northwest New Mexico phenomenon.
UFO truthers want to make Roswell an issue for 2016; meet their lobbyist One day nearly 20 years ago, Stephen Bassett realized UFO abductees needed a lobbyist.
Roswell UFO Conspiracy and 5 Other Alien Conspiracy Theories For a very long time now, people have believed there is something more out there and that we’re quite often visited by aliens, so we’re going to take…
How Fargo’s midwestern UFOs became pop culture’s ‘realest’ alien depiction We have no idea what extraterrestrial life is like, and Fargo doesn’t pretend to.

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UFO Headlines 11/20/15

Is Magnetic Field mandatory for Alien Life? Source: www.albanydailystar.com/science/is-magnetic-field-mandatory-for-alien-life-11021.html Is this proof we are not alone? ALICIA Price…