A new UFO documentary film titled Australien Skies explores frequent sightings of unidentified objects in the skies above Australia.

The movie follows filmmaker Don Meers on a four-day roadtrip with Damien Nott–a man who claims he frequently sees and photographs UFOs. Nott also boasts “the biggest collection of photos and videos of unidentified objects in the world.”

Damien Nott

Damien Nott. (Credit: Dojo Media)

The film’s synopsis describes that Meers “interviews witnesses and ‘Photo-graphic Contactees’ (people who allege
they receive a ‘feeling’ as to when these objects are about to appear thus giving them time to prepare with a camera for the sighting) and examines the links between the object sightings and government involvement, social ramifications and how this high strangeness affects people who experience this phenomena on a personal level.”

Australien Skies

Australien Skies. (Credit: Dojo Media)

Nott is one of these “Photo-graphic Contactees,” and he believes that UFOs follow him wherever he goes.

Australien Skies reportedly contains more than 2,000 images of alleged extraterrestrial activity in Australia, including more than fifty previously unreleased photo and video clips.

In addition to the film’s UFO photos and videos, witness interviews, and stories of Men In Black encounters, Australien Skies explores the question: Is it possible for the average person to experience the UFO phenomena as well? And, if so, how?

Australien Skies is out now, and is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video.

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