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UFO Headlines 12/16/15

Neighboring Earth-like Planets Could Share Alien Life Say if Mars had intelligent beings able to talk to us at the same time as we talked to them — how would that have changed our history?
Subsurface ocean on Enceladus has life-friendly chemistry
NSW Uni astronomers say alien life could be 14 light years awaySydney scientists have brought the search for aliens much closer to home, after discovering the nearest known planet potentially capable of harbouring life.
On the hunt for UFOs between Vegas and Area 51 Once a month, a small group of hardy Las Vegans head into the mountains to look for UFOs and — to hear them tell it — they find them.” name=”description
Sign from God? Divine intervention claim as ‘mysterious crosses’ appear over warzones BIZARRE flying cross shapes that some believe are ‘heavenly signs’ have been allegedly filmed appearing near the conflict zones of the war in Ukraine.

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