If you’re looking for an adventurous career that allows you to make a difference in the galaxy, you might consider becoming a Jedi Knight.

Life as a Jedi can be rewarding in many ways, but how about the monetary compensation? UK job search company Adzuna created an infographic that shows the salaries of jobs from fiction. A Jedi might become a hero, receive accolades, and get to use awesome weapons. The job also comes with a large degree of danger. But, considering that a Jedi doesn’t seem to work all that frequently, it’s a decently paying job.

According to Adzuna’s infographic, Jedis bring in more than $50,000 (that’s 35,000 in British Pounds) each year.

The infographic contains salary information for a variety of jobs from fiction like Ghostbuster, MIB Agent, and even Santa Claus. Adzuna explains, “Since we love all things jobs – yes, even jobs that don’t actually exist – we decided to pull together some of fiction’s most famous jobs that are (probably) more exciting than yours and put them in a gorgeous infographic. Enjoy!”

FYI, salaries are listed in British Pounds, not United States Dollars.

Jedi salary infographic

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