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UFO Headlines 12/17/15

Discovery of inhabitable planet could mean alien life is ‘incredibly close’, say scientists Australian researchers have found a potentially inhabitable planet – called Wolf 1061c – which is 14 light years away, about a third closer than the nearest such planet
In a galaxy far, far away ​UW scientists have found that radio bursts from far, far away — a phenomenon once thought rare — are actually quite common. What or who is causing these energy bursts remains a mystery.
Christopher Porterfield uses UFOs, car accident as inspiration for holiday tune Field Report’s frontman mixes unique vignettes to create the absorbing Christmas tune “On Christmas Eve.”
‘I’m not a dolphin murderer’ From James Bond to UFOs, the eight oddest things to come out of the National Assembly in the last year Senedd Correspondent David Deans digs through some of the strangest stories of the Assembly year
UFOs, Donald Trump, Chetan Bhagat, The Great Khali ad and strange stories we’ll remember 2015 by PIB’s Photoshop disaster, Chetan Bhagat’s foot-in-the-mouth comments, Donald Trump, and UFOs – 2015 was a strange year to be alive in.
On CNN’s Cosmic Unconsciousness CNN’s flailing relationship with The Great Taboo turned another page before its Tuesday night broadcast of the Republican debate in Las Vegas. In a 3-minut

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