A new book titled Here Be Dragons presents some of the risks that could arise in the future as a result of human research, including black holes and alien invasions.

Olle Häggström, a professor of mathematical statistics at Chalmers University of Technology and a member of the Nobel Prize awarding Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, hopes to encourage debate about the future to better prepare humanity to deal with potential risks.

Häggström doesn’t explicitly state that we need to shut down the LHC, but he does have very strong opinions about aliens. His concern is that our radio signals alert them to our presence, and they will destroy us before we can threaten them.

He describes our attempts to communicate with aliens as “inexcusably reckless”, and even suggests a moratorium on high-power radio astronomy.

Read the full story at the source (NEW SCIENTIST) – https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22930540-900-here-be-dragons-hostile-aliens-tall-people-and-black-holes/

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