UFO fleet

UFO fleet likes to appear over Santiago every year

A video was recently uploaded to YouTube that shows what some are calling a UFO fleet over Santiago, Chile.

The video shows multiple aerial objects with bright lights moving through the night sky. And similar illuminated UFOs have appeared above the city for years around the same time of year.

UK media outlet Express describes, “In the latest footage, recorded over buildings in the city, a fleet of four elongated bright objects, that appear to be made up of individual orbs, seem to drift in formation across the night sky.”

UFO fleet
UFO fleet over Chile. (Credit: YouTube/Ovnis vs Ufos)

The UFOs in this latest video look strange. But the appearance and behavior of these objects is consistent with conventional, man-made aircraft. If you’ve ever watched airplanes at night queueing up for landing, they look pretty strange, even appearing to hover at times. There’s nothing in this video to suggest that the aerial objects are extraterrestrial. But the visible blinking navigational lights are a pretty good indicator that these UFOs are just planes.

Media outlets like Express and the Daily Star have pointed out that some believe this latest UFO fleet video shows flying drones or Chinese lanterns, while others believe it’s simply a hoax.

The video doesn’t appear to be a hoax. The objects in the video don’t resemble or behave like Chinese lanterns. These objects look like planes and act like planes. So it’s pretty likely that they are simply planes. The plane explanation is even more likely, given that the Chilean Air Force, or Fuerza Aérea de Chile (FACh), holds its graduation ceremony for its Military Aviation School (Escuela de Aviación Militar) during this time of year. And, a squadron of T-35 “Pillán” training airplanes perform an airshow to conclude the ceremony.

A formation of T-35s over Santiago, Chile. (Credit: Mauricio Peñaloza/Wikimedia Commons)

Here are some videos to give you an idea of how T-35s appear during night flight:

What do you think? Is the T-35 identification reasonable? Or are these extraterrestrials who have Santiago on their destination list every December? Share your thoughts with us by posting a comment below.

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