Alien Atmospheres: The Search for Signs of Life Hunting for signs of alien life means knowing just what living things do to their atmospheres.
Irish locals terrified by New Year’s mystery orange glow in the sky AN EERIE orange glow accompanied by the sound of a supersonic boom sent shivers down residents spines over New Year’s Eve.
Is this a UFO exiting portal from another dimension Bizarre flash of light sparks extra terrestrial claims
UFO Or Space Debris: Thailand man uses selfie stick to record flashing lights in the sky The light was spotted in Phu Chi Fa skyline, a mountainous area and national forest park located at the northeastern end of the Phi Pan Nam range
The Most Viewed File in the FBI’s Vault Has Nothing to Do With Roswell
EXCLUSIVE: Soldier breaks 44-year silence over Roswell claiming 500 military men saw UFOs AN EX-SOLDIER has spoken for the first time about what he describes as a mass UFO sighting in the desert near Roswell – the scene of the world’s most famous flying saucer case.

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