UFO lobbyist says Clinton remarks make history The Daily Sun newspapers are strong, independent voices in their communities and deliver reliable local news to readers and excellent value to advertisers.
NASA Hubble Telescope Finds New Galaxy; UFOs Could Be Next NASA Hubble Telescope has witnessed the birth of a new galaxy today, born from the merging to two others. Could the telescope spot UFO’s next? 
Westall UFO incident 50 year anniversary CHILDREN as young as seven were confronted by men in sharp black suits and warned against talking, as emergency services and military swarmed the area.
Did the JFK UFO Conspiracy Lead to His Assassination? Find out what one “UFO Expert” has to say about the JFK UFO conspiracy. Was JFK killed because he wanted to reveal that aliens exist?
Burbage historian recalls Hinckley’s UFO “I hoped that one day I would see a UFO – but did not really believe that it would happen”
UFOs invade NT town

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