The Science of The X-Files: The Real-Life Biology of Parasitic Ice Worms from Outer Space It’s January, X-Files fans, which means we have less than a month to wait before our favorite alien conspiracy show returns for a…
Good thing it wasn’t terrorism Forget the UFO angle for a moment. Looks like U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has a problem. Potentially “catastrophic,” actually, in its own word
‘Alien sightings’ expert heads to Grimsargh for Mysterious Earth meet-up
Pop artist Mari Kim explores alien life Artist Mari Kim, known for the big-eyed, cartoon-like female characters in her pop art paintings, explores the eccentric concept of intelligent aliens in her solo exhibition. One of the leading figures in the Korean pop art scene, Kim transforms her “eyedolls” into aliens disguised as human beings, revealing her long-held belief in intelligent alien beings. Her solo exhibition at Hakgojae Gallery showcases 189 pain…
Here’s the truth behind that ‘UFO wormhole’ that appeared last week Did a UFO actually disappear into a wormhole over Australia last week – or was it just a really bored local man mucking about on After Effects? We’ll give you…
South Korea Fires Warning Shots At UFO Suspected Of Being A North Korean Drone
The truth is out here: How ‘The X-Files’ found its way to Central Washington

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