On ‘Colony,’ Sarah Wayne Callies deals with alien-ation For more than a decade, Sarah Wayne Callies has played some of the strongest female characters on television — from Jane Porter on Tarzan (2003) to Lori Grimes on The Walking Dead (2010-13). The trend is one she will continue with her role as Katie Bowman on the USA Network series Colony, premiering tonight.
David Bowie’s Obsession With Space “Don’t be afraid of the man in the moon/Because it’s only me.” So sang 20-year-old David Bowie in “Love You Till Tuesday,” one of a dozen songs on his self-titled 1967 debut album. This was a tune sung not by the light of the silv’ry moon, as in a thousand pop ditties of yore, but crooned from the moon — a signal blasted back to Earth.
Is this beautiful drone footage evidence of a UFO sighting? This appears to be footage of a UFO shooting into the South Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Chile. A white object can be seen floating around throughout the video.
UFO sighting in P.E.I. disputed – Prince Edward Island Theories are pouring in to explain what some say was a UFO sighting off P.E.I.’s North Shore in June 2014, but a national UFO group is standing by its conclusion.
Retro Sci-Fi Inspired Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space Heads To Consoles Next Week

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