Editor’s Corner: Cache Valley has its share of UFO stories and videos At the risk of being labeled a kook, I want to talk a bit about UFO sightings. And the issue is: What should a small-town newspaper do when local residents
Extraterrestrial Lobbyist Explains Hillary Clinton’s Controversial UFO Statements What the unusual comments made by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton say about the existence of extraterrestrials.
Inside the Beltway: Hillary Clinton and the UFOs, part 2 Let us recall that presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton recently had a close encounter of the journalistic kind with The Conway Daily Sun, a small New Hampshire newspaper that asked the candidate her opinion on UFOs and extraterrestrials.


Aliens invade — in an exhibit ‘Encounters: U.F.O. Experience’ in Anaheim is considered a starting point for understanding ufology.
Alien megastructures may orbit Tabby’s Star after all GIANT alien “megastructures” may have been discovered around a star near Earth after all.
Are they out there? Gympie region residents are being asked to report their stories about UFO sightings onto a website so Australian researchers can “make sense of them”.