The former director of SETI says Stephen Hawking is wrong about a key point in our search for aliens For decades, humans have been hunting for…
Space and Alien Snowfest The Space and Alien Snowfest ufology conference is coming to Big Bear Feb. 5-7.
‘Alien Abduction’ Report To Mutual UFO Network Backed By Mobile Phone Images A 40-year-old woman who believes she was abducted by aliens has sent in images, allegedly captured on her phone, to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) – an organisation dedicated to the study of UFO, aliens
The truth about aliens and UFOs will be revealed this year – claims THE truth about the existence of aliens and UFOs will be revealed by global powers THIS YEAR, it has been claimed.
UFO spotters claim ‘bonafide alien craft’ spotted in this mobile phone footage – but can you see it? According to experts they say a black diamond-shaped alien craft can be seen peaking out from the clouds
David Duchovny on early tension with Gillian Anderson: ‘We lost our minds a little bit’

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