How Astronomers Will Solve the ‘Alien Megastructure’ Mystery  KIC 8462852 has quickly become one of the biggest astronomical mysteries of the decade. It’ll be months before we have any firm answers on this fitfully flickering star, but astronomers intend to get to the bottom of it. How?
Spooky noise returns and is terrifying the planet THE mysterious “alien” sound heard around the world is BACK – and it’s spooking everyone.
Eight top-secret aircraft that definitely aren’t UFOsSince its establishment in 1955, the Groom Lake airfield at Edwards Air Force Base—better known as Area 51—has hosted the development of some of the…
Planet Nine: Does discovery of HIDDEN PLANET prove aliens exist? THE discovery of a hidden giant planet on the fringes of the solar system could be crucial in the search for alien life.
Some ideas about digging NBC didn’t take the Hillary Clinton UFO bait during Sunday night’s primary debate, staged just a couple of weeks after the former Secretary of State vowed
‘We were abducted by aliens:’ The beautiful women who claim ETs got them pregnant A BIZARRE group claims it is creating a race of human-alien hybrids by having sex with extra terrestrials which then take their children into outer space.

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