How Holograms Could Aid Alien Life Hunt The first evidence of alien life may come in the form of a hologram.
Drone Agriculture is About to Discredit Crop Circle Truthers for Good We want to believe, but unmanned aerial vehicles are going to make it way harder.
Amazing footage shows ‘real UFO’ accidentally filmed as man records plane in sky The man, who has not been named, submitted stills from the video for investigation after spotting the fast-moving object only when he was reviewing the footage in slow motion.
XCOM Fans, Prepare Yourself With ‘The Art of XCOM2’
No signs of alien life? Maybe they’re all extinct Astrobiologists suggest most life forms could not evolve fast enough to survive on other planets
Bizarre UFO with ‘trail’ which ‘blocked out the sun’ leaves UFO investigators stumped A PICTURE of a mysterious UFO that appeared to leave a trail across the sky has left alien investigators baffled.

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