X-Files star David Duchovny says the truth ISN’T out there DAVID Duchovny, best known for his leading role as FBI agent Fox Mulder, has revealed he does not believe in aliens.
Uncovering the University’s ‘X-Files’ “Independence Day,” “Harry Potter,” “The X-Files” and “Twilight”: The world is infatuated with the supernatural. To help students learn more about the historical aspect behind these paranormal phenomena, the University is one of the only college library systems in the country that owns a collection on it. 
NASA Spirit Rover May Have Spotted Signs Of ‘Alien Life On Mars’ Experts Claim Mysterious ‘cauliflower-looking’ formations on Mars could have been deposited by “ancient alien life” experts have said. The deposits of opaline silica were initially spotted inside Mars’
Check out the real X-Files from the FBI and CIA The FBI and the CIA have capitalized on the buzz surrounding “The X-Files” to rehash unexplained cases. And there may be a new case to add to the list. 
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