Observing Alien Armageddon could be our first sign of advanced civilizations in space. It may be possible to observe the presence of an advanced alien civilization by the effects produced if that civilization were to self-destruct through nuclear war, biological warfare, nanotechnological annihilation, or stellar pollution. Each case would generate unique detectable signs that could be identified by earth-based telescopes.
Alien hunt boost as ‘widespread’ water found on Pluto NASA has revealed water ice is “widespread” on Pluto – sparking claims it could be ALIEN HOMELAND.
Aliens are among us: Five UFO sightings that will make you believe AS The X-Files returns to our screens, we take a look at the top five UFO sightings in the UK.
Argentina Created UFO Investigative Unit Shrouded in Secrecy In Four Years, Commission for the Study of Aerospace Phenomena Identified Soccer Balls, Birds, Moon
The 14th Annual Conscious Life expo brings a dazzling mix of Visual, Audio, Spiritual and sensory delights for everyone. Let the Conscious Life Expo take you on a tour of the universe Do you believe in UFOs, mediumship and healing energy? You might want to clear your calendar this February for The Conscious Life Expo, which is coming back to the Hilton in Los Angeles.
Comets May Not Explain Star’s Strange Flickering After All It’s looking less likely that a faraway star’s strange dimming can be explained by a swarm of comets or an “alien megastructure.”

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