If you’re looking for an easy entrance into hell, don’t go knocking in Gary, Indiana anymore. The alleged portal to hell residing on Carolina Street was plowed into the ground two weeks ago by current owner, Zak Bagans.

The house first made headlines in January of 2014 when Latoya Ammons claimed that she, as well as her three children, were being tormented and possessed by demons. The story might have been passed off as the ramblings of a mad woman, but instead, the Hammond Police Department and the Indiana Department of Child Services stepped in, and the dynamic shifted.

Reported phenomena included the children speaking in tongues and levitating, visible entities, religious artifacts flying across the room, and a “scary, ugly, black monster.”

After a few skeptical police officers and a registered nurse allegedly witnessed some of the forces at work, people started to take Ammons a little more seriously.

Shortly after the story exploded, Bagans, host and executive producer of the paranormal investigation show Ghost Adventures, purchased the house for $35,000 with the presumable goal to investigate the hell out of it.

“Something was inside that house that had the ability to do things that I have never seen before — things that others carrying the highest forms of credibility couldn’t explain either,” he relayed to the IndyStar via email. “There was something there that was very dark yet highly intelligent and powerful.”

So why would someone who searches for indisputable evidence of paranormal phenomena bulldoze a place that was the scene of what he referred to as one of the “most well-documented cases of demonic possession”? While the rampant vandalism and front-yard seances may have had a hand in it, we can expect to hear more about how this evil darkness had to be destroyed for the sake of humanity in his upcoming documentary The Demon House.

While this doesn’t sound like an official synopsis, IMDB currently lists the storyline as follows:

“The story takes place with doing a docudrama about the home he purchased in Gary, Indiana. He convinces a couple of previous tenants to come back and discuss their accounts of the frightening ordeals that they endured during their stay at the home. A woman becomes possessed and begins speaking in tongues. Following the extreme amount of activity documented, production had to be halted, but the movie has been finished one year later and, boy, are you in for one edge of your seat demonic thrill ride.”

The Demon House is slated to release later this year and curiosity has the best of me.

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