UFO spotted above Kemerovo Russia ‘too slow to be a meteorite’ The footage of the UFO was captured on the outskirts of the central Russian city of Kemerovo by Mikhail Litvinov. Many have debated what the object could be as it’s too slow to be a meteorite.
UFO spotted in skies above Loughborough According to the website UFO Stalker, the sighting took place on Tuesday, February 2 by an anonymous local who has had previous encounters with the extraterrestrial world.
REVEALED: This is what aliens look like ALIENS might not be the little green men that we have always imagined, but rather a being with “superintelligence”, according to the man who is leading the search for extra-terrestrials.
Kentucky’s Real ‘X-Files’ We at Louisville.com know the truth is out there, so we’ve found some leads to help our fellow Louisvillians discover it.
Astonishing moment cluster of UFOs fly over Moscow in unison Video shows a cluster of UFOs flying over Moscow in unison. The footage has even been confirmed as genuine by Russian UFO expert Vadim Chernobrov.