The Search For Alien Life Is Getting Bigger, Weirder, And More Contentious Recent speculation over "alien megastructures" has reignited a heated debate over the best way of getting in touch with extraterrestrials.
Is anybody out there? The real-life Fox Mulder opens up his X-Files As the cult sci-fi show returns, the man who spent 20 years investigating UFOs for the Ministry of Defence talks about strange sightings, ‘bombshell admissions’ and alien tourism
Earth scores an unimpressive 82% chance of sustaining life in ‘habitability’ calculation Aliens watching might think we’re too close to the Sun.
James Webb telescope has final mirror fitted ahead of 2018 launch Each of the hexagonal-shaped mirror segments installed in Maryland measure just over 4.2 feet (1.3 meters) across – about the size of a coffee table – and weigh approximately 88 pounds (40kg).
Dr Krissy Wilson arrives in Ipswich to research alien landings, UFO sightings and ghostly goings-on With the return of the X-Files and the new Ghostbusters film, there is likely to be a surge in reports of ghosts and other paranormal activity in Ipswich in coming weeks.
Tom DeLonge Announces Alien-Inspired Book, ‘Sekret Machines,’ Tom DeLonge will issue the first book in a three-part novel and music series, ‘Sekret Machines,’ this spring.

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