Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, Dies at 85

Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, who was part of the Apollo 14 missions, that flew to the moon in 1971, died late Thursday in West Palm Beach.

Mitchell was the sixth man to walk on the moon, as a member of the eighth manned mission in the United States Apollo program. Mitchell was the lunar module pilot on the mission.

Stuart Roosa, Alan Shepard, and Edgar Mitchell
Stuart Roosa, Alan Shepard, and Edgar Mitchell

In his 1996 memoir, “The Way of the Explorer,” he described the experience on his return as: ” What I experienced during that three-day trip home was nothing short of an overwhelming sense of universal connectedness. I actually felt what has been described as an ecstasy of unity.”

Mitchell was also a long-time advocate for the release of information pertaining to UFOs, being a firm believer that an extraterrestrial presence had and continues to monitor planet Earth.

Despite his personal beliefs, he was an American icon, and will be missed, but surely not forgotten.

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