CASE: The Kelly Cahill Abduction

YEAR: 1993

LOCATION: Belgrave, Victoria, Australia


On August 8th, 1993, 27-year-old Kelly Cahill, her husband and three children were driving home after a visit to a friend’s house in the Dandenong foothills of Victoria, Australia, when they first noticed the lights of a cylindrical craft hovering in the night sky. The craft appeared to have windows, and Cahill claimed she could see figures moving about inside of the craft. She reacted with a loud scream, and within seconds, the craft immediately darted off out of sight.

They continued to drive down the road when they came upon another light in the sky, but this time it was blinding. She was terrified of the light. But within moments, Cahill found herself relaxed, calmed, and her husband was driving down the road still. “What happened, did I blackout?”, she asked her husband. He didn’t respond. They drove home, Cahill feeling as though some time had been missing between when she saw the blinding light and when she went from sheer panic to pure calmness.

For the next few weeks, Cahill suffered severe stomach pain and a uterine infection. Doctors also found a strange triangular mark on her navel that she was convinced was never there before. Slowly, by her own recollection, Cahill was able to piece together memories from what she claimed was missing time that night in the car.

Her memories included her husband having stopped the car near the gully of a nearby field, where a massive craft was hovering. They approached the craft with no hesitation, almost like they were being pulled toward it. Cahill also recalled another vehicle being stopped on the side of the road. (More on that later)

Artist Depiction of the Cahill Encounter

Artist Depiction of the Cahill Encounter

As they moved closer, they both witnessed a tall entity, dark in appearance with glowing red eyes. Cahill stood fixated on the entity when her husband noticed others behind it. “ Heaps of them”, as Cahill would later describe. One of the entities moved towards them, while a group of the other entities began to approach the other vehicle on the side of the road.

Cahill could no longer take it, screaming for the entities to leave them alone. And in that moment, she remembers blacking out and the next thing she knew, she found herself back in the car with her husband driving down the road.

As time progressed, Cahill began to remember extremely intrusive examinations taking place on her, including one of these red eyed entities floating over her nude body, kissing her navel. She would then recall several other embarrassing procedures these entities performed on her.

The story soon caught international attention, and was supposedly even corroborated by the occupants in the other vehicle that Cahill remembered seeing on the side of the road that night. They would come forward to describe almost the same exact story, including witnessing these ominous dark entities with glaring red eyes.

Cahill was considered a reliable, honest person by those who knew her at the time of this strange sighting. Her case continues to be examined by those in the UFO research community, sparking much debate on what actually occurred that August in Victoria, Australia, even being brought up in the premiere episode of the new season of The X-Files television show.

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