The 13 best Greet The Aliens In 5 Words tweets from today’s Twitter craze Users of the social network are coming up with some hilarious opening lines for extraterrestrial first contact
UCLA welcomes new course on the search for extraterrestrial life
These NASA ‘Space Tourism’ Posters Are Amazing NASA commissioned a set of imaginary, retro-style posters that advertised “space travel” tours to Mars, Saturn, and other planets in the solar system.
UPDATE: UFO expert says it wasn’t a meteor over Gladstone UFO EXPERT Sheryl Gottsthall hasn’t come any closer to identifying what flew over the Gladstone region last night – but she has ruled out some theories.
The way of the explorer I first met moonwalker Edgar Mitchell in late 1995, at a restaurant in the back yard of Kennedy Space Center, which was getting ready to commemorate the 25

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