Irish carpenter says ‘cone-headed alien abducted me as I walked home from the pub’ Gerry Battles, a retired carpenter from County Limerick, said the strange alien creatures had ‘beautiful ginormous eyes’ and spoke to him via telepathy.
Ancient Alien Life On Mars? Evidence In Deepest Basins Points To Ancient Martian Life (PHOTO) Did alien life exist on Mars in the distant past? A new study reveals evidence that might help answer this question.
Could ‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 film in New Mexico? With a confirmed sixth season of American Horror Story on its way this fall, fans are already speculating what the new season’s setting might be, and many are looking to the sky. The most popular theory seems to revolve around an outer space or Area 51 theme based on the extraterrestrial presence in Asylum.
The Phoenix Incident On March 13, 1997, thousands of people witnessed strange lights in the night sky over Phoenix.
Does this video show a UFO above Thornaby? Take a look at sighting Footage has been uploaded by a Teessider who claims he has captured a UFO in our skies