Gravity Waves and ET
UFO lights up the night sky over Nanaimo The unearthly fantasies of people tracing the course of an unidentified flying object over north Nanaimo on Wednesday were grounded after police investigated. Nanaimo RCMP received several calls . . .
CIA cover up: Spooks secrecy over UFO sightings to prevent ‘mass hysteria’ exposed IT HAS long been claimed the US Government, its enforcement agencies, and NASA have been involved in a massive cover up over contact with aliens and UFOs.
‘Flying saucer’ snapped over a beach in Bristol This appearance could be one for Mulder and Scully… A woman has spotted what could be a UFO while she was walking her children on a beach in Bristol. Fiona Powell, 41, was walking her children with friends along the promenade on Severn Beach,
Was it a plane? What was it? THEORIES of what was behind the bright light that crossed the sky over Gympie and created a “boom” further north on Tuesday were many and varied.

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