Four Balls Of Light Mysteriously Flying In Russian Sky Said To Be Real UFO Sighting The UFO sighting in Russia is said to be real by an expert.
Strange phenomena seen over Lubbock skies in 1951
One Giant Leap for Neston Primary School Pupils Pupils in Year 2 at Neston Primary School enjoyed a fantastic week of ‘out of this world’ learning recently.
Shane Warne: Aliens were behind experiments that turned monkeys into humans Ex-cricketer asks why there are still monkeys if humans exist and suggested pyramids weren’t created by man
WATCH: Argentines gather for international intergalactic alien festival Thousands of alien enthusiasts turned out to meet their intergalactic compatriots during an international alien festival in the small town of Capilla del Monte in Argentina’s remote interior.
Mysterious ‘UFO’ not aliens, but it’s still pretty cool (VIDEO) There were so many calls lodged to police in the city of Nanaimo on Wednesday night over sightings of possible visitors from a galaxy far, far away that officers were sent out to investigate the mysterious lights.

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