Here’s How You Can Contribute to an Interstellar ‘Message in a Bottle’ Researchers based in Scotland are inviting people to contribute to an interstellar radio message that will broadcast toward the North Star.
VIDEO: Silent UFOs spotted over Folkestone captured in mobile footage A witness has spoken of the moment she saw a mysterious set of lights above Shepway last weekend which seconds later disappeared without a sound – but were caught on camera.
Celebrities are coming out to tell us that there are aliens among us controlling human affairs Shane Warne and singer Sia have both come out in the last week and claimed there are aliens among us controlling human affairs. Could this be the start of celebrities everywhere finally telling us the truth about the X-Files they’ve clearly been hiding? Comedian James Hennessy investigates.
Extraterrestrial Life: Internet Will Be The First To Know When Aliens Arrive
A test for creating a family tree for aliens A pair of researchers at Harvard is preparing for the day when humans encounter alien life.

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