15 Ancient Alien Art Pieces That Prove Extraterrestrials Exist See 15 ancient alien art pieces that prove extraterrestrials exist. Check them out and then let us know if you think aliens exist.
Do aliens exist? UK to disclose secret UFO files in March this year The UK government is all set to release shocking evidence of alien contact, when 18 classified files will be released in March 2016.
What UFOs Mean for Why People Don’t Trust Science The history of ufology shows the complex psychology of fringe beliefs.
Newly renamed Alien Brew Pub focuses on small batches, innovation Keeping up with the trends and customer demand influenced the recent rebranding of ABQ Brew Pub into Alien Brew Pub.
Footage released of ‘UFO’ being shot down by Indian fighter jet Footage has emerged after an Indian fighter jet was tasked to shoot down a ‘UFO’ after it set off a radar alert.
XCOM 2 review: Firaxis Games’ sequel impresses WHETHER they’re terrorising spaceship crews, abducting people or blowing up Earth, aliens have been a stock baddie in pop culture for a very long time.
Argentina’s UFO Agency is Being Shut Down – Here’s Why Argentine President Mauricio Macri decided to shut down several pet projects of his predecessor, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. One particular division is an Argentinian UFO agency.

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