Debate Over the Famous “Wow! Signal” — Aliens or a Comet? — Continues Not all researchers in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence agree.
NASA Is Opening an Art Gallery for Aliens Ever wanted to send your art work to space? Well, now you can. NASA will be compiling paintings, poems, and songs to send to an asteroid. In September, the
Palm-Size Satellites Could Hunt for New Alien Worlds A tiny satellite could help discover new worlds around Beta Pictoris and other stars.
Were there UFOs in Belleville? Is it a plane? A drone? A UFO?
Aliens Exist? Astronomers Find Where ‘Extraterrestrial Signals’ Come From For the first time in history, a team of astronomers identified the place of origin of Fast Radio Bursts (FRB), which at one time were thought to be “signals” from extraterrestrial life, a scientific paper published in the Nature journal said.

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