When Aliens Arrived On Oscar Weekend: ‘UFO Diary’ Recreates the Battle of Los Angeles
Here’s how we could build a colony on an alien world If the human race is to survive in the long-run, we will probably have to colonise other planets.
Paranormal is the new normal
UFO Investigator, Rob Shelsky, and Permuted Press announce the release of Invader Moon. Invader Moon: Who Brought Us the Moon and Why? Author Rob Shelsky and Permuted Press announce the release of his new non-fiction book, Invader Moon.
Wisconsin hotspot for UFO sightings, some say Most people have heard of UFO hot spots in America such as Area 51 along State 375 in Nevada and across the rocky landscape surrounding Roswell, New Mexico. But many Wisconsinites might not know that there is one in their own backyard at Campbellsport’s Long Lake.

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