What The Search For Extraterrestrial Life Can Teach Us About Creativity For decades, astronomer Jill Tarter held the ultimate creative job: looking for aliens.
‘Alien hunting’ in the Chilean desert: Nasa drills holes in the ‘driest place on Earth’ to learn how life could survive on Mars Nasa scientists (pictured) spent a month drilling in the Atacama desert, Chile, testing drilling and life-detection technologies that might be sent to Mars in future.
Central Michigan Life – Faculty member shares his alien theories
Guam’s skies have a history of UFOs Though strange, reports of UFO sightings in Guam aren’t entirely unheard of.
UFO sightings in North of England are ‘proof of extraterrestrial life’ Analysis of encounters logged with the Mutual UFO Network show 18 incidents logged in the region since January last year
More stories on UFOs seen in the Hinckley skies Colin Saunders relays information on the unidentified triangular objects

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