Phantom life in space – how to figure out if we’re being tricked Oxygen is a sign of life on Earth, but that may not be the case on other planets. Amy Middleton reports on a study which aims to keep life-seekers on the right path.
Message from aliens or colliding objects? The hunt for engimatic radio bursts is about to get real Astronomers are getting ever closer to understanding the origin of mysterious “fast radio bursts” – very brief but intense pulses of radio waves from outer space – after a series of recent contradictory findings.
Lynchian alien abduction mystery To Azimuth from [bracket] games and Digerati coming to PC and Console Q1 2017. Inspired by 70s science fiction and alien abduction accounts, To Azimuth explores the mystery surrounding Eli’s whereabouts and the roles that mental health, war, and the paranormal may have played in his disappearance.
UFO spotted in US government convoy sparks alien claims in Arizona A UFO has been captured by the Whitehouse, it is claimed, after government vehicles were seen towing a flying saucer.
Area 51: Testing facility or nucleus of alien research?
Military covered up ‘UFOs at Guantanamo Bay’ claims marine turned whistleblowerA FORMER US marine has sensationally claimed military base Guantanamo Bay was a magnet for UFOs, but servicemen were ordered never to discuss it off the site.

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