Couple left ‘paralysed’ after filming mystery colour-changing ‘UFO’ as it flew into lakePARANORMAL investigators are looking at footage of a mystery ‘UFO’ which was filmed changing colour as it sped into a lake.
Why Haven’t We Met Aliens Yet? Because They’ve Evolved into AI Movies and television have led us to think of aliens as green, slimy creatures traveling around in flying saucers. Nonsense.
Google Maps Reveals Secret Base With 30-Meter UFO At Area 51 Claims Alien Hunter
UFO expert claims there has NEVER been any real pictures taken of an alien craft A UFO expert has sensationally claimed there is one thing that unites ALL unidentified flying object images and videos that have been captured across the globe.
‘The night I saw a UFO on Southport beach’ Town set to host UFO conference this weekend

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