50th anniversary of Michigan UFO sightings
UFOs beware: We will find you That’s right, space aliens, the jig is up. No more zooming into Earth’s air space, ringing our doorbell and running away like the neighborhood prankster. We will finally prove you exist, at least if UFO researchers Dave Cote and David Shock have their
UFO : Norway like spiralling Lights seen in Canada Spiralling lights seen Canada : Strange lights have reportedly appeared in West Canada prompting some experts to call it a UFO sighting.
This Mexican Town Freaked Out Over UFO; What They Really Saw Was This! [VIDEO] People in Jalisco were shocked when they saw an unidentified flying object in their neighborhood. Find out what the local authorities realized when they got to the scene!
Aliens, androids invade The Children’s Museum INDIANAPOLIS — Blast off to a world where science fiction meets science fact. Families who explore The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’ newest exhibit, Alien Worlds and Androids, will have an
NASA: Alien Life Could Exist In Our Solar System

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