The Truth Is Out There: ‘Alien Signal’ Detected by Australian Astronomers Australian astronomers operating the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST) have detected a new radio burst of extraterrestrial origin.
Professor Robert Flome Presents at Astrobiology Research Conference Possible Evidence of Alien Bacterial Life Exploring Earth
Clouds Might Ruin Our Chance to Spot Extraterrestrial Life And not the ones in Earth’s skies.
Brit astronaut Tim Peake battles alien invaders in latest video The Sandhurst graduate uses a brand new virtual reality device in the video to battle some very familiar enemies
360 Degree VR Movie With ALIENS – Help Justin Lin who is probably best known for his work on the Fast and the Furious 3–6 is now dabbling in VR shorts in a movie called “Help” by Google Spotlight stories in their first live action 360 movie.
UFO or swamp gas? MI’s “close encounter” 50 years later The vernal equinox came and went quietly yesterday on a clear, blue Sunday in mid-Michigan. But fifty years ago, the first day of spring in Michigan was
Ace Frehley Rocks Time and Space in Beverly Hills …commented early on that there had been multiple UFO sightings reported in Texas after the band had kicked off their tour in the Lone Star State the previous weekend..
1966: UFOs reported over Sauk County 50 years ago this week (1966)

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