Share Your UFO Stories With Highline Historical Society At BUFO Festival April 1 If you’ve ever had a “Close Encounter of the Third Kind,” (or second, or first…) be sure and stop by the Highline Historical Society’s booth located in front
Seattle UFO mystery solved: Bright red lights over Arlington are military
Expo to screen alien abduction doc
Shining a light on UFO sightings On March 18, 1978, at approximately 1:15 a.m., Deputy Pike Limehouse with the Dorchester Sheriff’s Office was called out to a remote area near Summerville to investigate something that could not be explained. Speaking to a film crew later that year, the officer said that once he arrived on scene he was approached by a North Charleston resident by the name of Bill Herrmann, who told the deputy he would not believe what had happened.
Place Where NASA Could Find Aliens
Flying saucer stolen in Roswell (really) Video shows three subjects loading the UFO into the bed of a red pickup (no, it’s not a weather balloon)

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