Is Magnetic Field mandatory for Alien Life?
Intelligent alien civilisations could live on bizarre ‘heaven and hell’ planets orbiting red dwarf stars ET hunters expand search for life to include 20,000 star systems thought to contain two-sided worlds split between constant darkness and permanent sunshine
Nobel Awarded astronomer has suspicions about Alien MegaStructure
Raelians Want Extraterrestrials To Have Special Diplomatic Status The Raelian movement has a special message for the United Nations.
SETI’s New Alien Life Hunt Targets 20,000 Small, Dim Stars The search for intelligent aliens has just expanded to include thousands of star systems very different from that of Earth.
VC couple sees 6 flying objects: UFOs?
4 Far-Out Space Hoaxes for April Fools’ Day National Geographic takes on UFOs, suspended gravity, and the end of the world.

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