California’s Larry Decker builds 90-foot-long alien face out of rocks in his backyard Many senior citizens in California like to do a little gardening, but 77-year-old Larry Decker of Romoland has bigger ambitions for this backyard: he hopes his giant alien portrait will attract UFOs.
Tom DeLonge Co-Wrote a Novel to Ease You Into Believing in UFOs Tom DeLonge, well-known alien believer formerly of Blink-182, has co-authored a new, 704-page book about his favorite subjects: unidentified flying objects and
Fit4Less gym poster in Sawley, Derbyshire, slammed after claiming aliens will take fat people first People are not happy with this gym billboard that claims aliens will take fat people first. The massive poster in Sawley, Derbyshire, depicts a UFO beaming someone up, with the words…
SLIDESHOW: UFOs invade Burien for the third time By Dina Hrisko Friday night, April 1, 2016, Olde Burien was invaded by all kinds of Aliens. Since this was their third April Fools Day visit to Burien, many of the townsfolk dressed up in outfits similar to what the Aliens were wearing in order to make them feel ‘at home’.
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