Watch: 29th annual Ozark Mountain UFO conference The 29th annual Ozark Mountain UFO Conference will be held this weekend in Eureka Springs at the Best Western Conference and Event Center.  People from around the world come to share sightings, experiences, evidence, and to hear world renowned guest speakers.
Witnesses share amazing Hinckley UFO encounters Colin Saunders continues his UFO investigations
Clinton campaign chair: ‘The American people can handle the truth about UFOs’ There has long been an air of conspiracy surrounding theories of alien life, and the head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign said Thursday it’s time to do away with the secrecy.
Life on Earth was started by a comet – meaning there is a chance of life elsewhere in the universe
“Jaw dropping” UFO filmed hiding behind clouds after man hears ‘strange sounds in sky for days’ The clip apparently shows a large machine-type craft which peeks out briefly from behind the cloud cover

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