Does eerie UFO video show alien spacecraft ‘jumping space and time’ over Yellowstone National Park? The creepy video is the second sighting in less than two months over the national park, fuelling rumors aliens have a base on earth
UFO Sightings in Mississauga
Buzz Aldrin explains his thoughts on how to communicate with aliens Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin recently confirmed his belief in higher lifeforms during an interview with AOL Build.
We Asked Experts Why Canada Had So Many UFO Sightings Last Year The truth is up here. Rock Reads: Little Gray Bastards- The Incessant Alien Presence Review Little Gray Bastards- The Incessant Alien Presence review: Hofer and Barker present a case here that the alien lifeforms known as Grays are more than occasional visitors to our planet; they are thoroughly involved in our everyday lives

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