UFO hunters investigate strange sightings, hundreds reported in Michigan every year Do UFOs exist? Many people say yes and many people say no. 
Scientists Pinpoint Milky Way’s Most Habitable Neighborhoods An international team of scientists has determined the best habitat for alien life in our galaxy.
jet capsule unveils unidentified floating object concept the UFO, or unidentified floating object, is an energy autonomous vessel capable of estimated speeds of up to three knots (3.5mph).
Ten of 12 reported UFO sightings in Durham in 2015 were false alarms
UFOs spotted circling above Birmingham in astonishing YouTube footage THIS incredible footage shows a mysterious “smooth and curved” light and a glowing orb hovering around the suburbs of Birmingham.
Is this the moment UK stargazers spot the flashing lights of UFO circling the sky? – Daily Record MULTIPLE residents reported strange goings-on in the skies about Bootle, Anfield and Kirkby in Liverpool.

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