UFO mystifies Onangwe learners Learners at Onangwe Combined School made a shocking discovery on Monday morning when a mysterious big, white aircraft-like object was reportedly seen in the sky, almost disrupting the school’s morning devotion.
Oregon UFO gathering asks: Have you seen the (Phoenix) Lights? An Oregon UFOfest explores the Phoenix Lights, said to be the largest sighting of unexplained phenomena in the United States.
Tom DeLonge’s New Sekret Machines Project Takes a Serious Look at UFOs Has Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge lost it? He has, after all, spent more than a year and a half meeting with high-ranking military officials and scientific…
Dolphins could be key for communicating with aliens Humans have been trying for years to contact alien life in the universe but some scientists believe that the answer may not lie in some super computer, but instead in dolphins. Dolphins are well known for being highly intelligent creatures capable
Europe, Russia hunt for alien life in new Space Race A new Space Race may be underway, with the major spaceflight powers launching programs to hunt for signs of life on Mars and further afield.

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