Scientists To Look For Aliens On Jupiter And Saturn’s Icy Moons In one of its most ambitious projects in deep space, a team of NASA researchers are proposing to send robots at the centre of icy moons to explore the subsurface ocean for presence of life.” itemprop=”description
Valerie recalls the night she was ‘abducted’ by aliens
First Contact: Meet the scientist who believes he’s close to communicating with extra terrestrials – Nestled into a country road in Kingsland, County Roscommon, a research grade observatory boasting two large telescopes is masked by a traditional country cottage.
NCCC hosting UFO researcher Robert Hastings on Monday Robert Hastings will present the lecture and slideshow “UFOs: The Secret Story” at 7 p.m. Monday at Niagara County Community College’s Arts and Media Auditorium.
UFO spotted in photo of bikini-clad babe in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico IT looks like a normal holiday photo, but this snap has been branded evidence of alien life.
The incredible mystery of the ‘alien spacecraft’ that lies at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

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