World’s largest telescope soon to aid alien-hunting expeditions as £125m facility nears completion The Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope,or FAST for short, is set to be up and running by September five years after construction began
Three Earth-like Worlds With An Ultracool Sun Could Harbour Alien Life Astronomers have found the best chance for alien life close to Earth in the form of three potentially habitable worlds orbiting an ultracool dwarf star just 40 light years away.
Alien-hunting ExoMars mission is delayed by TWO YEARS: Rover designed to search for life on the red planet will launch in 2020 The second stage of a joint European-Russian mission, sending a rover to search for signs of life on Mars, will be delayed from 2018 to 2020 because of problems with industrial contractors.
Seeking aliens & spirits ACTOR, director and musician Josiah Padilla Hogan can now add a new feather to his cap – as host of Strange Encounters, a series on GoAsean (Astro channel 737) that premieres on May 10 at 6pm. Josiah explained that he got this job after his then-manager sent his resume to TSAR Asia, the production ­company shooting the series.
Kentucky Derby party and UFO Festival: 9 Portland events for the week ahead Get you hats ready, be they floppy and feathered or made from tin foil.
First Canadian Public Inquiry into UFOs – in Brantford Ontario

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