KLAS investigative reporter George Knapp is the first journalist to score an on-camera interview with Tom DeLonge to discuss DeLonge’s UFO-related project Sekret Machines.

Knapp’s story about musician, serial entrepreneur, and researcher Tom DeLonge aired in two parts on KLAS, the Las Vegas CBS affiliate, on Friday, May 6. Knapp describes, “Much of what DeLonge has done is now public, but behind the scenes, he’s gone where no rock star has gone before, or anyone else for that matter. He is now all in on UFOs and has risked everything in the pursuit of truth.”

DeLonge’s company To The Stars has many different arms, with the latest being Sekret Machines–a property that deals with UFOs and UFO-related subjects in both fiction and non-fiction ways.

Knapp mentions the government and the role it plays in UFO lore. Then he states, “What if someone came along and offered them a way out of the corner in which they’ve painted themselves? Tom DeLonge has done that, and he says he’s been told some pretty amazing things.”

According to DeLonge, he has successfully gained the trust of a group of government insiders, and this elite group is the source for his UFO-related information. But why would high-ranking government and defense officials leak secret information to a rock star? In the interview, DeLonge explains, “One of the reasons why it works is, like you said, they have been backed into a corner and need a way for this to get out.” DeLonge and his Sekret Machines property are reportedly the platform for some sort of disclosure.

Watch these two videos to see Knapp’s interview with DeLonge. You’ll also see a mini tour of the To The Stars office and storefront in Encinitas, California.

Tom DeLonge on KLAS

Tom DeLonge on KLAS

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