UFOs: ‘Open-minded’ Northwest is fertile ground for cosmic buzz When Hillary Clinton made headlines by saying recently that if elected president, she’d open up Area 51 files and any other UFO documents “as much as we can,” it particularly resonated here.
‘Are we alone or not?’ UFO experts mingle with Martians in McMinnville (photos) Amid the alien masks and antennae at McMenamins’ UFO Festival, talk of serious space visitors goes down.
Looking for Earth-like Planets While scientists, in general, take a cautious approach to any claim of extraterrestrial life, there are people who are convinced extraterrestrial life forms not only exist, but intelligent versions have already visited Earth.
‘I photographed a UFO over Doncaster’
UFO spotted in Alaska? ‘Puttin out drones, scoutin the area’ YouTube user Jared A uploaded his mysterious sighting for all to scrutinise. What do you think it is?
Aliens have landed: 15 of the best News Shopper UFO sightings (From News Shopper) UFO sightings have spooked residents of south-east London and north Kent for centuries.

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